The Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel, who has shown the third time in the qualifying round, won the Formula 1 World Series Championship in Australia in Melbourne.
The second place was titled Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and third came Vetteli teammate Kimi Räikkönen. In fourth place, Daniel Ricciardo, who ran the Red Bull Race, competed in the race, who rose four positions in comparison to qualifications.

Hamilton, who was the fastest driver and leader in the qualifying round, was well off to take the lead and took the lead in front of Ferrari pilots Räikkönen and Vettel. Räikkönen made the first boxing stop at 19th and Hamilton Round 20, then Vettel continued as the leader. In the 24th round, Haas’s pilot Magnussen quit the fourth position and two of his circles later left his teammate Grosjean away.
With fifteen remaining runners, Vettel, who became the third in the history of the championship in Melbourne, who has gone through 3000 ranks in the lead, has kept his lead. The first two are Schumacher and Hamilton.
The winger did not want to give Vettel the chance to win the opening and tried to get German at all points. Instead of the desired approach, Hamilton made a mistake and lost time to the first. Five rounds before the end of the race began to decline again between the leaders, but Vettel remained.


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