The changes that Liberty is carrying out in F1 are not equally welcomed by all. Without going any further, the German driver Sebastian Vettel, winner of the first race of the season in Australia has been against some of the measures adopted by the new commercial managers of F1, as the retirement of the flight attendants on the grid. the circuits and the change of schedules in the races.

“I think I am a conservative and I would like to keep certain things, there are many issues that I am not a specialist and I do not need to understand, I am confused that the races start later, it is a bit sad that there are no more hostesses, but also Of course, there are not many changes yet … At the level of driving, obviously it has not changed that much, “Vettel explained to

In addition, Liberty has promoted in recent times some exhibitions such as one last year in London prior to the dispute of the British Grand Prix of 2017, with the intention of bringing the Grand Circus to the fans, something that Vettel supports.

“I think it’s a great thing, I listened to people continuously on the track last year, there were more things to do, it was more fun, I think it’s great,” said the German.


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