The German pilot Sebastian Vettel misses to be able to ask advice to the heptachampion world-wide of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher. “If he were healthy, I would ask him about many things,” the 31-year-old Ferrari driver said in an interview published today in the German magazine “Sport Bild.”
However, he clarified that it would not be so much advice for the circuit, but rather on “teamwork and politics in Formula 1.” “He has a lot of experience of his time with Ferrari,” Vettel said.

Schumacher, 49, drove for the “Scuderia” between 1996 and 2006 and won five of his seven world champion titles with the Italians. After the end of his career, he had an accident while skiing in December 2013 and suffered serious head injuries. Since then, his family closed ranks around the legendary German pilot and nothing is known about his current status.
Vettel, meanwhile, has won four world titles in Formula 1 and now pursues its first crown with Ferrari. However, he is currently 40 points behind Lewis Hamilton in the overall standings with six races left.

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