Max Verstappen does not understand the criticism of his first lap in Bahrain, where he punctured trying to overtake Hamilton without leaving room and then was forced to leave after damaging the car and drag it during a lap on the asphalt before reaching the pits. The Red Bull Dutchman points out that it is his style and answers Hamilton: “I’m here to win and not just to score.”

Have you seen it repeated on TV ?: “I was in the car, I saw it and I felt it, that’s what races are like and I had a chance and although it was a fair maneuver, I do not think it was anything crazy, but it did not work. , in Mexico (he won ahead of Hamilton in 2017) it went well, but last week I did not give him enough space, I have not talked to Lewis about it. ”

Hamilton said that with that car you have to be in the points ?: “Scoring is always a goal, but I’m here to be on the podium and win races.”

Comment by Hamilton (He called him an asshole in a private conversation with Bottas): “Maybe I’ll talk to him, it depends on whether it’s necessary or not, why should I change something? I think I did not do anything wrong, I tried to overtake a car and went to That’s what racing is like, I do not understand why everyone is so above what happened. ”

Lewis got annoyed: “It’s very easy to blame the youngest driver, it’s the only way I can see him, they’re racing sets and there’s no reason to change anything.”

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