Max Verstappen said after the accident that left him out in the second GP of the season in Bahrain, that the reason for his mistake had been 150 extra CV that prevented him from controlling the RB14. Hulkenberg, also with a Renault engine, answered ironically the words of the Dutchman: “I would like to know where those 150 CV come from. Do you also have a party mode?” Commented Sainz’s partner.

Finally, Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing has clarified some details about the accident of his driver in Bahrain indicating that stepping on the accelerator on one of the pianos was the reason that led the Red Bull driver to lose control of the car.

“The accelerator did not get stuck, I think when he climbed over the piano, his foot moved, it’s pretty obvious, the gear lever has always been a little bulky, and I think it was a combination of that, go deep , on the piano, an oscillation in the foot … many things together, that’s what happened, so there is no reading to do, “Horner explained.

Cyril Abiteboul, confirmed that the Renault engine did not fail: “The engine did exactly what the accelerator asked, it is very clear, it is an obvious thing, cause and consequence.When you squeeze the accelerator, something happens in the engine,” he explains. “The engine reacted the way it was supposed to react”, analysis that has also led the French team to allow their client teams, and themselves, to unlock some engine maps restricted to date and that Once the reliability is verified, they can use this GP in China to extract more performance from the engine.

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