The Real Sociedad goal has a Mexican flavor again

For a time now, the name of the Royal Society in Mexico was automatically associated with Carlos Vela. A txuriurdin legend that in December packed the bags for the MLS LAFC.

A month later, another member of the Mexican national team landed in San Sebastian after a last day of the chaotic transfer market. Hector Moreno changed the Olympic Stadium in Rome for Anoeta, hoping to have more minutes in order to arrive in the best possible conditions for the 2018 World Cup.

And if the Aztec central has anything that differentiates it from other defenses, it is its ability to see the door in strategy plays. On Sunday, the Mexican took a resource worthy of the best striker to place the ball in the back of the net and face the game against Alavés.
It has only taken him three games to score his first goal with the realistic jersey, a fact that he could still reach earlier if he had scored the occasion he had in the first minutes of his debut against Salzburg.

His data in the last two campaigns in PSV leave no room for doubt. Six goals in the 2015/2016 campaign and seven in the 2016/2017 season are unbecoming data from a center and match the goals of, for example, Sergio Ramos. They both scored 13 goals in the total of the last two seasons. Some statistics that draw particular attention if compared with those of Andrés Iniesta, who only made two goals in the last two seasons

The sensations that the Mexican is leaving with Marcos Llorente in the center of the rear are being very positive, coinciding with the draw in Sevilla against Betis and the victory in Anoeta against Alavés. Every time the defense left aside the muscular discomfort that made him low in a couple of meetings, the Mexican has convinced Eusebio and has taken advantage of the absence of Raúl Navas to settle in the starting eleven.

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