For the Formula 1 World Series Championship Opening Season in Australia, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), world’s leading champion, showed the best move on Friday, the fastest on both occasions.

During the first training, Hamilton drove for 1.24,026 at the best and surpassed the teammate Valtter Bottas in 0.551 seconds. In less than a second, they also lost Max Verstappen (Red Bull; +0.745), Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari +0.849) and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari +0.969).

In the second exercise, Hamilton, who used the softest tire mix, managed to bring the best time to 1.24, or 1.23,931. Now the competitors were closer: Verstappen lost 0.127, Bottas 0.228 and Räikkönen in 0.283 seconds. Vettel was fifth (+0.520).


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