The German pilot Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), winner of the Brazilian Grand Prix of Formula One, today put the finishing touch to “a very positive year”, in which his team achieved a “great progress”.
“I think we are all feeling that every day we are stronger and hopefully we can continue with that strength in the coming years, not just next year,” said the pilot at the post-race press conference.
Vettel said that Ferrari’s goal is “to return properly, be there and dominate”.

“Nobody expected Ferrari to be so strong, we were so strong, we took the biggest step,” said Vettel, who today claimed his fifth win of the year ahead of Valtteri Botas (Mercedes) and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari).
The German considered that the Brazilian race was “very difficult”, without “space” for mistakes and with “difficulties to control the wheels throughout the race”.
“I think it will take me a while (to recover) and then I will surely drink a cup here and see what is to come,” said the Ferrari driver on the podium.
Questioned about Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Vettel said it was not a “real threat” on Sunday.
“I do not think it was a real threat,” he said.
Hamilton, who in Mexico was crowned four-time champion of Formula One, was penalized to start the last and was able to advance between his rivals to finish in a fourth position.
“Obviously they warned me that at some point (Hamilton) was catching Kimi, but I knew it would be difficult to pass him,” he said.

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