A few days after competing in Bahrain for the second Grand Prix of the F1 World Championship, the Spanish driver of Renault, Carlos Sainz, visited the El Hormiguero program last night and took the opportunity to explain some keys to the season. Ambitious, but without losing sight of the current reality of F1 that has teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, above the rest, Carlos showed his desire to be in the fight for championships, although he knows that this is not a goal within reach in the present.

F1 2018. “Among the first eight, in a real world without fiction, if all the cars were equal, I would like to win, but in F1 today there are three teams that are above the others.”

GP Australia. After an analysis I know that it is a cut of digestion. Half an hour before the race I gave two bites to a banana that I did not know very well and I did not want to continue eating. Then, in the first 20 laps of the race I did not stop drinking water. He could not move the water tube, otherwise the radio microphone would get wet. On lap 20, I could not take it anymore and I took off the tube, so I ended up stained with the red liquid of the isotonic drink that we drink. I finished the race feeling that I had been hit in the stomach. ”

“I was about to vomit, I’d rather not know what would happen if you vomited, I guess because of the speed, it would bounce off the visor and come back to me, I tried by all means not to do it, I hope I never experience it.”

The RS18 and the espionage in F1. “The car smells new, it’s like a baby because you have to try everything, treat it with love and it’s all new … In preseason you already notice if it goes well or badly … I try to treat it with a lot of love”.

“We have to keep in mind that Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are ahead of the rest, then McLaren and Renault are investing a lot of people and money to try to win as they did in 2005 and 2006. Fernando Alonso. We’ll need a period of 2 or 3 years to win, I trust Renault, there’s always espionage in F1, there’s a lot. ”

“There are people hired by teams, professional photographers who charge a lot of money, who go to certain corners of the circuit and try to take pictures of the rivals so that certain parts of the cars are seen, and then present them to the team. There is espionage. ”

Training. “Our neck is much stronger than people imagine, it gives me embarrassment in the gym to me, I put weights on my 15 kilogram neck and maybe I’m 45 minutes spinning with the weight, and people look at me I really like the faces they put on me. ”

Rallies “Every time I’m more involved in rallies, I give my father more of a pain in the ass, asking him to let me go up or do some special test, I’m trying to get my father to convince Peugeot to keep the Dakar car and so on. I can prove it, maybe one day I’ll compete in the Dakar, we’ll leave it in the air. “

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