The advantage for Carlos Sainz of driving for Renault, while still maintaining a contractual relationship with Red Bull, is that there is the possibility of being able to fill a gap in the Austrian team if Ricciardo left the team in 2019, something that Christian Horner, head of Red Bull stated some time ago.

For Carlos, this situation of being running for the French team despite the link with Red Bull is a bit strange, as it is not very common in Formula 1, although it is a situation that far from bothering him, rather looks like a good opportunity .

“I have not heard of many drivers who are on loan, it’s more of a football term, it’s a strange situation, I’m a special case right now, that’s why I can not let it go to my head. to do the same thing that I was doing in Toro Rosso, to do a good performance every time I go out to the track, and then things happen on their own, as happened in Toro Rosso, who would have told me when I was in Toro Rosso that this year I would be in Renault? Nobody, it’s a very special situation, “the Madrid-born driver told

To work and obtain good results are the key to him that this possibility of occupying a seat in Red Bull could be a reality in the future. “I’m trying to impress myself, by this I mean I’m looking forward to having a full season with a team, I’m going to keep it open, continue to act as I’ve been doing, things will work out on their own, usually if you perform Well, good things are coming, “stresses the Spaniard who will visit the television program El Hormiguero tonight.

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