Nico Rosberg left Formula 1 at the top. The German decided to retire just after winning the World Championship with Mercedes, a mentality that contrasts with that of another F1 winner such as Fernando Alonso, who exploits his passion for motorsport even in other categories. The abandonment of yesterday in the Great Prize of Canada certainly did not leave anything happy to the Spanish pilot, and Nico finds it difficult to understand how he endures that situation.

“I do not know how he endures, I do not know how he really does, he knows he’s one of the best, but he can not qualify beyond the fourteenth.” It’s incredible, Rosberg commented yesterday during the broadcast of the Canadian Grand Prix on the Sky channel. where he works as a commentator.

In his Twitter account also took the question of an amateur on whether the Asturian deserves a winning car next year to leave a message to Fernando or rather a criticism of his attitude. “We all want to see that, but nobody wants him for his political games within the team,” the German expilot replied.

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