Renault is still confirming, race by race, as the main leader of the opposition to the three big ones of Formula 1. They come and go McLaren, Force India or Haas, but the one that never gets out of Q3 and points positions , who never takes a step back is the French team.
In Canada his two pilots returned to be in the points to place the rhombus quarters with 16 points and advantage over McLaren, who lived a day of nightmare with a zero for the abandonment of Alonso and 16th place of Stoffel Vandoorne. Neither Ocon, the best Force India, nor any Haas were ever rivals of the yellow cars either.
In fact with 56 points and almost de facto equals the 57 he won last season, with just one third of the World Championship played (seven races) which speaks clearly of the jump in quality of the team.
Renault continues to hire staff, although less powerfully than in the last year and has launched a major remodeling at the Enstone factory in its race, also budgetary, to fight for the victories in 2019 and for the world title in 2020.


That’s why it’s not surprising that Carlos Sainz wants to stay in the team for more years and not return to Red Bull, which could carry a Honda engine next year, which is no guarantee of anything, and where it would be in the shade, again , by Max Verstappen if Daniel Ricciardo leaves.
“If I did not make a slow pit stop, it could have happened to Nico, when he pushed I was told to keep wheels and then to him too, but hey, I’m happy, we have kept Force India at bay and we have achieved many points” said Carlos, who finished eighth just behind Hulkenberg.

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