It’s official. The Red Bull team of Formula 1 breaks its relationship with Renault and will equip the Honda engines for the 2019 and 2020 seasons (so that the Austrian team leaves their hands free to choose a motorizer for the new regulation foreseen for 2021).

Red Bull has focused on the development of Japanese engines after the end of last season reached an agreement for Toro Rosso, his ‘team B’, gave room to Honda after finishing his adventure with McLaren. The performance of the engines has not been stellar, but neither disastrous and that added to the tensions with Renault has caused the change of motorizer.

“We take decisions in a relaxed way, just thinking about the goal that motivates us: to compete at a better level every day.” After assessing it carefully, we believe that this collaboration with Honda is the best thing for the team, “explained Christian Horner, Red Bull’s principal team. .

“The talks were very fast,” said Takahiro Hachigo, Honda president. “Having two teams gives us access to much more data, which will bring us closer to our goal in Formula 1: winning races and championships.” So far the best result of a single-seater Honda engine since entering Formula 1 has been the fourth place of Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) in the Bahrain Grand Prix this season.

The break with Renault ends a relationship that began in 2007 and has led to great successes: 57 Grand Prix victories and eight world titles, the four by Sebastian Vettel and four constructors.

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