If Renault seems to have an urgent need to know as soon as possible if in 2019 the Red Bull team will continue to rely on the French manufacturer as supplier of their engines, Red Bull seems to want to stretch the gum as much as possible, gaining time in this way to know if Honda will offer them enough reliability or decide to continue counting on Renault. For this, the results that Toro Rosso will sign with the Honda engine will surely be observed with a magnifying glass.

Helmut Marko, adviser to Red Bull has opined that the Japanese manufacturer is doing things right now, but do not want to make decisions in advance: “Before making the decision to work with Honda, we think it can be a successful package , once they showed us what they plan to do, when the time is right, we will make a decision, there are many aspects around which we have to study, they are going in the right direction, and journalists should know that we are brave. ”

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull driver has also expressed his opinion in a few words to Motorsport.com after the good result of Toro Rosso with the Honda engine in Bahrain. “It helps your chances of appearing attractive to Red Bull. At least right now it has nothing to do with me, I say this because I do not have a contract with the team for next year.”

“The drivers are not involved in these engine discussions, I am aware that there could be some changes next year and it is great for Honda, obviously they invested a lot in recent years and it did not work with McLaren, but it’s great that now Toro Rosso Do well, “added the Australian. Much of the final decision will be in the results of the Red Bull subsidiary team.

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