Mercedes has been the clear dominator of F1 since 2014 began the era of hybrid engines, but before being able to reach that level made them spend a period of drought and work to reach those levels. With a future horizon in which Liberty wants to establish from 2021 a new regulation that feels the foundations of a more equal competition, Mercedes thinks that it is not fair that all the work that the teams perform can be thrown to the ground with the entry into vigor of a new regulation that radically breaks with the previous.

Toto Wolff, director of Mercedes, is aware that in the past it took them several years of hard work to adapt to new situations and that all teams must go through a process of gradual growth that gradually brings them closer to the best, but that the rules must adapt little by little and not in such a way that the work done in the past by the teams does not have weight.

“To avoid a performance transformation, we would like to start over, but that would be very expensive, so we asked that, more or less, the rules be maintained, we also had a complicated phase in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and only we were able to achieve a victory in those years, “he explains.

In line with that adaptation period, he is aware that other teams such as Renault or Ferrari will soon reach the same level as Mercedes in their engines. All this, as part of a natural process of evolution. “For us, a change in engine regulations would be even desirable, because we assume that our structure works in Mercedes,” said Renault, “over a period of two years, there will be minimal differences in performance between engine manufacturers.” Renault will reduce the gap this season And now they have taken a big leap, “he adds.

“The level is high, as in any competition of a certain level, but nobody should insist on being competitive from the start by changing the rules.What would Formula 1 be if the regulations are changed so that a beginner is immediately ahead? For them to work like this We believe that certain components should be distributed and standardized After all, competitive teams have earned their place with hard work and big investments, “says Wolff.


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