As is often the case in sports, when an unexpected person emerges, the glances suddenly appear at that point and the most suspicious always try to find some reason not so clear that explains that emergence. This is the case of the Haas team at the 2018 World Start of F1, a team with one of the lowest budgets on the grid but with the Ferrari engine and for some, it is possible that it shares something else with the Maranello team.

Therefore, from Force India and McLaren request that the relationship between both teams be investigated, as for the chief of operations of the Indian team, Otmar Szafnauer, there is a suspicion that both teams may be transmitting information.

“I do not know how they are doing it, it’s magic, it’s never been done before in F1,” he said. “I do not know how it can be correct that someone who has been in the category for a couple of years without resources can manufacture a car … happens by magic … If he does, I want the wand”, he indicated, in addition to clarify that you will propose this topic in the next meeting of the Strategy Group of Formula 1.

A measure that Zak Brown, executive director of McLaren, also supports, and although he claimed “to have no evidence” that Haas is not complying with the rules, said “we all know that they have a very close alliance with Ferrari and I think we just need to make sure It’s certainly not too close, there could be some influence, certainly there are some parts of the car that look very similar to last year’s car, but it’s up to the engineers and the FIA ​​to investigate it more closely. ” Similarities, which also highlighted Alonso, indicating that the Haas was a replica of the Ferrari of 2017.

“All the aerodynamic surfaces have to be their own, if they are not, I do not know how you can assure it, unless you start investigating.” The FIA ​​reviews only tell you if everything goes into the technical regulation. idea, or someone else’s, this is the real story, and I do not know the answer, maybe it’s their own, it’s just a suspicion, how can you gain that knowledge without the history and the tools and the right people? ” , which also pointed to the medium Motorsport that considers it “something that needs to be investigated intensely”.

We will see if the FIA, decides to act accordingly or at the moment things continue as before. From Haas, one of his drivers, Romain Grosjean, said that the improvements of the car are due to the use of the Ferrari front suspension, something allowed by the regulation and that explains the improvement in the aerodynamics of the car.


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