The Mercedes of the world champion, Briton Lewis Hamilton, and his Finnish partner Valtteri Bottas were the fastest of the second free practice session of the Brazilian Grand Prix and they maintained the hegemony that they showed in the first.
The ‘silver arrows’ of the four-time British world champion and his Nordic partner were the fastest, in a session of long runs of races, with times worse than in the first session.

The Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull), the German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and the Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) followed the Mercedes in short distances, just a few tenths.
For his part, the Spaniards Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Honda) and Carlos Sainz (Renault) were tenth and eleventh, in a difficult day for the two-time champion of the Asturian world, who had his car in the workshops during several moments in the session.
The qualifying session, disputed with cloudy weather with some raindrops at the end of the timed time, 30 degrees Celsius and 47 on the track, began as it ended, with Hamilton and Bottas in the two leading positions, and all the riders improving their times with soft tires and superblading.
Returned at the wheel of Force India the Mexican Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez, who gave his car to the young British George Russell. The Mexican finished twelfth, the same position that Russell scored in the first session; and for the Haas team the Italian Antonio Giovinazzi took the place of the Danish Kevin Magnussen.

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