While Damon Hill advises Lewis Hamilton to think about it, “because the F1 cycle may be changing,” Mercedes sports adviser Niki Lauda says the four-time champion will soon be renewed by the star’s brand.

“Only the details remain, Lewis will continue to drive for us, depending on the state of mind, sometimes the agreement is more or less expensive, it always depends on how the last race was, but money is not a problem. “, says the Austrian in ‘Auto Motor und Sport’.

Lewis and Mercedes still do not know the victory in 2018, which could be used by the pilot to toughen the negotiation or think better about their future. The only attractive exit option, for someone who has won everything and for whom money is not a priority, could be Ferrari.

It is true that Vettel renewed until the end of 2020 with Ferrari, pressed by President Sergio Marchionne, which is not exactly an unconditional ‘tifosi’ of the German. His criticisms of his pilot’s mistakes have always been harsh. It is not impossible to change chromos, something that was suggested last year by some Italian publications.

The fact that Lauda is now rushing to try to give the renewal closed, only emphasizes that it is one of the priority issues for Mercedes and that it might not be as clear as it seems.

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