Christian Horner (Red Bull) and Eric Boullier (McLaren) were the main protagonists in the press conference of the team leaders who were also attended by Cyril Abiteboul (Renault) and Frederic Vasseur (Sauber). The head of the Austrian energy drinks team answered some questions about the recent news of his break with Renault to sign with Honda and the future of Ricciardo.

Future of Ricciardo. “We would like to keep Daniel on the team, the talks are on the right track, we have talent in other categories, we have Carlos Sainz, obviously our cars work well and we will not miss pilots who want to be with us, although we would like to keep Verstappen and Ricciardo. ”

Experience with Renault. “We have had several bosses in Renault, from Briatore until now, as a team we have shown that without manufacturing engines we can win.For the future the situation is a little different, now they have their own equipment, and with these hybrid units the priority of Renault is obviously its own team, we believe that it is the right time to separate, after 12 years. ”

Red Bull-Honda “The union with Honda is positive, with it we are looking to take a step forward and not two backwards … From the marriage with Honda we hope to have that, that Honda is dedicated to us and with Renault this is not the case. and build the best engine you can, we are not going to give you any limitation in terms of assembly, we will fit in our car. “We have thoroughly analyzed the situation and consider that it is the right route at this time and it is the direction we are going to drink”.

McLaren-Honda “Obviously, McLaren’s experience was McLaren’s experience, you can see that it has not improved much since they changed engines, for us, our decision was based on what we have in front of us here and now and in the future. Driven by engineering, in terms of what is the best way to be competitive and close that gap with Mercedes and Ferrari, we really believe that this is the best way. ”

Same engine as Toro Rosso. “We do not expect a relationship like Ferrari with Haas, Toro Rosso has its own infrastructure, but sharing the power unit will make life easier for both teams, there will be synergies that we can share.”

Chocolates to their employees as in McLaren? “We have a Red Bull free bar, we even send it to Cyril and his people when the good results come in. We are not interested in chocolates, we are more of Red Bull”.

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