The party mode of Mercedes has caused alarm in the rest of the teams of F1. Lewis Hamilton took the pole in Q3 with an impressive pace. That has caused that they think that they have a special motor map for the last moments of the qualification. The last person to talk about the issue was Christian Horner, who said: “Lewis’ time changed radically between Q2 and Q3, they have a map in classification that they do not need to use at the beginning of the qualification so as not to force the engine” .

The boss of Red Bull exposes his proposal so that there are no comparative grievances: “In the same way that we closed the park when the cars are in the classification, maybe we should do the same for the engine modes, when you leave the garage until the end of the race. ”

In the energy drinks team, the Renault engine is expected to improve to the level of the Mercedes and Ferrari propellers. “You just have to look at Saturday’s top speed, where all Renault engines were grouped with different downforce configurations, that’s where we have to progress, there are some parts in development, Renault is not disclosing everything it’s doing, but it’s something we are pushing, “says Horner.

However, Red Bull has the perception that they have reasons to be optimistic. “I think we have a fast car, only that in Melbourne it was not possible to see its full potential, but on the positive side, this is the first time that the two cars crossed the finish line in the hybrid era. with ultrablandos, it was with the natural rhythm of the car, the negative thing for us is the deficit in the qualification, the party mode … we would like to go to the parties of Lewis “.


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