Although in McLaren they get nervous when they hear that Fernando Alonso was the one who gave them an ultimatum to break with Honda at the end of 2017, it was precisely the Spanish driver who with more strength and determination championed that cause.
As soon as he saw, in March of last year in Barcelona, ​​the fur of the new Japanese engine, which had been completely modified in its architecture, he knew that he could not continue embarking on that project. “This car will not exploit its full potential until the team makes decisions at the highest levels,” said the Spaniard to dismiss the winter tests.
He knew that it was possible that Honda would finally find the performance, but not in the medium term and he has no more years in active adventure. And the first test of 2018, with Honda already equipping Toro Rosso, has done nothing but give him the reason completely.
Yesterday it was learned that the team based in Faenza (Italy), will change the engines of its two cars at the Bahrain Grand Prix that takes place this weekend. The premiere of the subsidiary of Red Bull with Honda follows a path very similar to the one of its periplo in McLaren in the three previous years, with the reliability like true workhorse and not solved.
After the break of the engine of the car number 10, piloted by Pierre Gasly, in the heat of race of Australia, Honda will substitute in the car of the French the internal unit of combustion (ICE), besides the MGU-H (electric calorific generator) and the turbo , which is associated with the previous element.


In principle, despite the help provided this winter by Red Bull to improve the reliability of Japanese engines in the Austrian banks of AVL, the units of 2018, seem to break at the same sensitive points of its predecessor. We must remember that between Alonso and Vandoorne used the last campaign 19 ICE, 23 MGU-H and 23 turbos.
As a precaution, in the second car, that of Brendon Hartley, who finished last in Melbourne, will change the MGU-H and the turbo, but not the ICE, or traditional engine block of 6 cylinders in V. It is further commented that these elements have an evolution, it is supposed to ensure that they do not continue to break, compared to those two weeks ago.
We must remember that this year the engines are limited to three complete units for the 21 appointments of the season, that is, they must hold about seven events to comply without penalties. At this stage, in the fourth round, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, (April 29), Toro Rosso could begin to pay its first sanctions, which this year are limited to 15 positions on the grid, regardless of the elements that are changed if There are three or more.


Fernando was so clear that he would not continue another year suffering the same faults and without the possibility of competing in the middle zone, which maintained serious contacts with Renault not to renew with McLaren. It was his way to continue in F1 and he would not have had a car so different from the one he drives now. It was that, or dedicating oneself to the challenge of the Triple Crown exclusively.
At Honda they were very upset by Fernando’s attitude in certain radio messages, but it was his way of pushing for a change. It would be desirable, and absolutely positive for F1, that in Sakura they end up making a great racing engine, but it seems that it will not be this year.
The Spaniard also said that Ferrari would not win the title in the three years after his departure and hit completely, but it is also true that McLaren has a long way to reach the current red car.

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