The fourth unexpected place of Pierre Gasly in the past Bahrain Grand Prix has raised the morale of the troops of Faenza and Sakura, who have also confirmed that the second part of the season will be the moment of the explosion of the team. “As to enter the Q3 the two cars and score the two in all races,” says Franz Tost, head of the Red Bull subsidiary team.

“Honda has worked very hard in winter, and its development department has got a fast and reliable engine, and here we brought a pack of aerodynamic improvements and everything worked very well, I did not expect such a result so soon, maybe in the first races , but for the second part, “he said, stressing that the development plans of engine and chassis should set in that second part.

Some voices from England already speak of a calculated increase of 30 HP of power for the Canadian Grand Prix.

“The fourth place was a little bit lucky due to the incidents of the riders in front, but the race pace was good and constant, without errors of the riders, or in the pits, so they could have done 6th and 7th without any help. A podium? Dreaming is allowed in F1, but I am more than happy with this fourth place, “he added. “I hope this is a new era for Honda and Toro Rosso-Red Bull”

Tost praised his new rising star, Pierre Gasly. “He did an incredibly good job, a qualification in which he put everything at once in the right lap, good start, great battle, very hard to defend the position with Magnussen, without errors the whole race, magnificent. I would not be part of the Red Bull team, “he said.

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