Honda was again featured in a Formula 1 Grand Prix last Sunday in Bahrain. Unlike so many times in the past with McLaren, the Japanese engine manufacturer that now dictates the fate of Toro Rosso, this time managed an incredible fourth place with Pierre Gasly, which is, apart from a great result for the subsidiary of Red Bull, the best result of a Honda engine in the last 10 years.

Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director of Honda, who already indicated that they thought to examine in depth the problem in the MGU-H that forced to the abandonment to Gasly in Australia, seems to be finding some type of solutions as it endorses the great result of the other day in Bahrain. And Tanabe, she wants more.

“We went through a hard time, we need to develop our power unit step by step, our desire is to be a leading rider, we are a F1 racing team, so I think our desire is always to be a strong team,” said Tanabe. in an interview by Chris Medland for the Honda website.

“I think so,” optimistic Tanabe sentenced to the question of whether “being a strong team” meant “winner”. “I think the challenge is huge, the power unit is very complicated compared to the previous era of power units, the current engine is very complicated with the electronic part and the propeller itself,” he added.

Although he is optimistic and believes that they form a good pair with his F1 client. “I think the relationship between Toro Rosso and Honda is going very well, the communications and the conversations, not only the technical ones, but also the ones that deal with the operations, make us work together”, he said to conclude. Of course, stand out with Toro Rosso is the best possible showcase they have to try to be the manufacturer of Red Bull in the coming seasons.

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