According to Helmut Marko, Advisor to the Red Bull Formula 1 team, the Merced motor continues to be very clear from the others, although the Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel won the first stage of the season.
In addition, according to Auster, the Mercedes-powered steering wheel has a special button that adds a lot of power to the engine and is used at certain moments. According to Mark, Lewis Hamilton was able to outperform Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari) in the end at the end of the qualification at 0.664 seconds in the end.
“Mercedes plays with everyone,” Marko said after opening the “They can decide how hard they are over the others. But this time it went wrong and their success was too great.”
“I told Ferrari: Mercedes is the second to five in ten, and they answered no. But everyone has fallen asleep,” continued the Red Bull Adviser. “With this engine, nobody gets Mercedes. They’re from a different world.”
The best mercenary pilot was Hamilton Australia. Valtter Bottas had to take the eighth place. Red Bull Riders became Daniel Ricciardo’s fourth and Max Verstappen’s sixth place.
“We have a very good car and therefore we are so close,” continued Marko. “But with these engine requirements, things remain in the master plan until the year 2021.”
According to the Austrian, the international motor sport federation should intervene in the FIA ​​and take steps to equal the Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Renault and Honda engines. “Even Ferrari is getting up,” he added.
“They have begun to realize that with their engines they will never catch the Merced. We need equal engines that are always allowed, but their engines have a capacity of more than three percent, so the FIA ​​must intervene.”
Marko also agreed with McLaren team boss Eric Boullier. “Mercedes first built a very competitive engine and it’s hard to get it. I think that now Liberty (the rights holder of the series) and the FIA ​​must be limited enough to reduce the gap and more machinery to compete.”


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