Things are not going to be shot for Lewis Hamilton at the start of the season. The predictions before the start of the F1 World Championship, which presaged another year of domination of Mercedes and in particular of the British driver, have broken into pieces after the first three races, in which Ferrari, Red Bull and even his partner Valtteri Bottas they have revealed before domain of the current world champion.

Hamilton seems to be clear after the GP of China that Mercedes is not today the team that has done the best homework.

Even so, he knows that the battle is long and that if they manage to win, the victory will know better than ever. “Who knows what the season expects? If it continues like this, it will be very difficult to win, but if there is an opportunity and we end up winning, it will mean even more, since it is an even more difficult season than before. “

He is aware that the performance is not what he expected and is pressing hard to those responsible for the German structure to improve as soon as possible and try to be the rival to beat again. “We lost the performance from Melbourne, and maybe even more in China, we are the second or third fastest team at the moment, so we have to improve, but that is not impossible,” he said.

“We have a lot of information in recent weeks, I’m putting a lot of pressure on James Vowles, James Allison, Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff, trying to encourage them, they know which areas the car is suffering the most, so they can apply pressure, maybe to those departments, or simply to ensure that we have more development.

“We have to maintain a constructive pressure on the boys, although they are already under pressure because they want to win as much as all of us,” Lewis concluded.

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