In Formula 1, the first stage of the MM-Series season in Australia, Melbourne was the fastest winner of the title, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes).

Before the last session, the front triumph – Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – was only in 0.061 seconds, but Hamilton had not yet said the final word.

Britt drove off at 1.21,164 at the last attempt, and Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari) rose to second place, losing Hamilton in 0.664 seconds. For the third time Räikköen’s teammate Vettel (+0.674) ran.

Fourth was Verstappen (+0.715) and fifth Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull, +0.988).

This is a record seventh time when Hamilton has been in Australia for the best starting position. “You might think that this is a completely normal thing when looking at our results, but it’s not, it was a very tight tear, my heart is twitching!” commented on Hamilton. “I was surprised at how fast Ferrari was.”

Hamilton’s teammate Valtter Bottas, however, did not crash at the last session or qualify for the race, fortunately the Finn did not get injured himself. The bout starts on the tenth place on Sunday.

Sunday’s races will not be updated as a whole, but ten minutes later, the season’s opening season in Australia starts at 8.10 on Sunday morning in Estonia.


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