Lewis Hamilton honestly fit the bad Chinese Grand Prix that took place from Saturday, where he did not even get close to the first row of the grid, and on Sunday, always out of rhythm and overtaken by Valtteri Bottas, who grazed the victory.

“Saturday and Sunday was a disaster on my part,” admits the Briton. “I rolled in no-man’s land, I could not keep pace despite giving everything I had, but I must correct it or more points will go.”

Hamilton and Mercedes gave up for the first time in five years, three races in a row without achieving a victory and two without taking the pole. Nobody dares to speak of a turning point but of warning navigators.

“We have a tough battle ahead, both me and the team, although at least what happened on the track keeps us close,” he said in reference to Verstappen’s actions with Vettel, which prevented a greater bleeding of points and, in fact, They helped to leave the disadvantage in only 9 with the German.

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