10- VETTEL. Perfect. Impeccable race of the German from the pole, the 50, and new leader of the World.
9-BOTTLES. Up Again it surpasses to Hamilton and was firm in the exit with Verstappen.
8-VERSTAPPEN Another podium in a restraint, to be him, and great career where he tried everything.
7-LECLERC. Carrerón Again a wall for Fernando and scores again. It goes for a big star.
6-SAINZ. Rate again Solid Renault race that continues to score and is 9th in the World.
5-OCON. Good career He was always ahead and battling, adding points.
4-HAMILTON.Pierde the leadership It has not been in the whole weekend, nor Mercedes.
3-RAIKKONEN.Flojo Sixth when your partner wins and shy in the exit with Ricciardo.
2-VANDOORNE. Sunken It says that there is not so much distance with Alonso. 16º, with virtual Fernando 10º.
1-STROLL Strange accident He said he pinched, but he hit Hartley dangerously.
0-MCLAREN. Step back in an infamous weekend, neither fast nor reliable. Behind the Sauber.

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