Yes, we admit it: After Lewis Hamilton (33) in Qualifiying was almost 0.7 seconds faster than the rest, also BILD had feared that the Formula 1 season could be boring.
After the inaugural race in Melbourne it is clear: It is anything but boring.
Finally Formula Eng!
In qualifying, a Mercedes was ahead, the fastest lap was driven by Daniel Ricciardo (28) in the Red Bull, the victory brought Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel (30). Means: All three top teams are fully present from the beginning of the season.

Where did the big lead in qualifying come from? For one, Mercedes still has the best qualifying mode, can get the most out of the engine on a lap. On the other hand, Hamilton caught a fable round: “That was one of the best rounds of my life.”
Other teams catch up!
Exciting: not only at the front it has become narrower, the other teams have caught up. McLaren driver Fernando Alonso (36) took fifth place ahead of Max Verstappen (20) in the second Red Bull, followed directly behind him by Nico Hülkenberg (30) in Renault Hamilton colleague Valtteri Bottas (28). The double pit crash prevented Top Ten placings of the two Haas pilots Romain Grosjean (31) and Kevin Magnussen (25).

Wolff: “Welcome to the new world. You can not see a car plowing through the field like in the years before. ”
The fans can only be right.


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