Kimi Raikkonen isn’t a man of many words, but he’s a man of enormous driving talent. The “Iceman” recently abandoned the allure of his yacht in the Côte d’Azur to go the distance with some aspiring racers and superfans in Switzerland. The event was organized by Shell, one of Scuderia Ferrari’s longest-lasting partners (and a big contributor to Raikkonen’s salary). 
Like his fellow countrymen Keke Rosberg and Mika Hakkinen, many of the champ’s driving skills are blamed on the fact that Finland spends around seven months out of the year covered in snow, forcing young Finnish drivers to hone skills other folks never even develop.
It’s not every day that we get to witness one of the world’s most popular race car drivers take on average Joes in what resembles miniature rally cars, let alone on an icy track nestled in the beautiful Swiss Alps. The event was put together to assist Shell in its development and testing of fuels and motor oils for the road. To say that these folks won the VIP lottery is a massive understatement.

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