Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has warned people who think he is “bluffing” about potentially pulling the Italian marque out of Formula 1 that they are “playing with fire”.
Marchionne has made it clear that he is prepared to withdraw Ferrari from Formula 1 if the championship’s future regulations are not set out in a direction he agrees with.
With Ferrari having occasionally made similar threats throughout the history of F1, that has led some people to believe that the Maranello team would never leave, but Marchionne says the recent threats remain serious.
“Some people say that our threat about the 2020/2021 regulations is a bluff, but they’re playing with fire,” Marchionne said at Ferrari’s traditional pre-Christmas media dinner on Monday.
“The situation has changed since 2015. Starting from that moment, everyone knows that if we threaten to do something, we do it.
“One of the greatest advantages is that the current Concorde Agreement [between teams and F1] is very different from previous ones and ensures a greater contractual freedom, even during the agreement with Liberty Media.
“The previous contract made it impossible for the team to evaluate an alternative outside of the circus. Now we can analyse the possibility to create something similar to Formula 1 in terms of a show.”
Marchionne believes creating an alternative series to F1 is a feasible option if the teams get together to make it happen.

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