Sergio Marchionne, who leads the World Championship in Formula 1, says that Mercedes and Red Bull are very close to the performance of Ferrari.

Full of points and victories. This is the balance that accumulates Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in the Great Prizes of Australia and Bahrain 2018, some records that allow the Scuderia to dream of achieving the Formula 1 World Championship eleven years later.

However, Sergio Marchionne is aware of the difficulties that Mercedes and Red Bull have posed to Vettel in the Melbourne and Sakhir events, and for this reason, asks the engineers of Maranello to continue improving the car to be able to defend with guarantees the position of honor they occupy today.

“It’s clear that we have to improve, Valtteri and Lewis are pushing hard, Obviously Kimi Raikkonen, by my side, is pushing incredibly, and the two Red Bull men with Max and Daniel are pushing hard, these three teams and six drivers are Very, very close to each other, it will be important to improve and be quick wherever we compete, that helps, the faster you are, the more you are a unit with your car, the happier you will be and the more you can extract when it really matters “, analyzes the president of Ferrari in the communique provided after the race in the Persian Gulf.

A development of the car that is expected to undergo its first major evolution on the occasion of the Chinese Grand Prix 2018, with the introduction of a new flat bottom to improve the aerodynamic balance of the SF71H.


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