The FIA will investigate all the engines because of a suspicion that some team uses a trick to get more than the 4MJ that are allowed per lap.

It was Saturday in Baku when the FIA ​​started the investigation on all the engines of the Formula 1 cars, but above all the attention was in Ferrari. After the issue of the alleged engine modes that made the effect of blower blowouts, of the third cam on the steering wheel of Sebastian Vettel, of … now comes the suspicion that the cars of Maranello (and it is assumed that all those who carry that power unit is Haas and Sauber) gets more energy than allowed by the electrical system and therefore more horsepower with which your engine pushes more.

According to the regulation for each round the ERS can start a maximum energy of four megajoules which leads to 160 horses per round. According to these suspicions that some believe that they have been encouraged by the Mercedes team, they would get a higher power per lap, something that is not foreseen in the regulations and therefore would not be legal.

According to the German publication Auto Motor und Sport Ferrari achieves this thanks to an intelligent circuit in the battery cells. Now all motorists have to show the way their energy works, how it gets it and especially how it is distributed.

After the pole of Hamilton in Australia the other three have been for Ferrari demonstrating that at this time the red car is, at least, at the height of the German or ahead.

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