Fernando Alonso has revealed in his appearance before the media in China that will not arrive all the improvements that Eric Boullier announced as “first evolution” this weekend and that “we will have to wait even a couple of races to have a great package of improvements” .

Differences between qualification and race: “It does not vary too much from Saturday to Sunday, but we had some qualifying difficulties in Melbourne and in Bahrain, although the race pace is always better, there is not a big difference, we try to maximize the set-up and our The important thing is to get points in this phase of the year, because we are expecting improvements that increase our performance, until then we have to score and the performance is not yet the best. that improvement. ”

Improvements in China: “I think they will not all be here, I still have to check the car with the engineers, but I think everything will be very similar to Bahrain, because only four days have passed, we still need two races to get an important package. And the rest also improves, we talk about our progress and it’s always the same, in Barcelona everyone will have an almost new car and the difference will be maintained if you’re not a little smarter, we need a package a little better than the others “.

Parts that arrived in Bahrain: “Everything worked as expected, everything is positive, we are improving the car in the right direction and we see that what we are developing in the wind tunnel is in the same trend”.

Is the improvement of McLaren the expected one ?: “I have not had big surprises, it’s more or less as I expected, third in teams and fourth in drivers, maybe not in benefits, I do not know exactly what people expected from a season. to another, when the rules have not changed and there are three teams ahead of the rest.If we look at the data and not the sensations is a great start and we have improved.The integration of the new engine are things that had to be solved and failures occurred, but in the first races, all have had failures, such as Red Bull with its abandonments, Mercedes with software or Ferrari or Haas with the ‘pit stops’, McLaren is almost the only one who has not failed in two races ”

Aspects to improve: “Many things, the rhythm to a lap and the pace in general, we are still far from the teams above and far from Red Bull, which has our same Renault engine, there is no doubt that we must improve and bring evolutions and find more speed, but at the same time, without having the pace, speed or qualification, we are achieving points, which gives us confidence for the future. ”

Less speed than the other teams with Renault engine: “It’s something that we should investigate, that trend has been seen in the first races and I do not know if it’s because of the set-up philosophy (more cargo in the McLaren), or something really to solve. I am sure that the team is investigating and that solutions will come in the next races. ”

Improve here in the qualification. “Interestingly, in this circuit, depending on the degradation, there are times when it is convenient not to enter Q3, we will see what is the best strategy to take”.

Better China than Bahrain for McLaren ?: I think so, but of those we have seen, in Barcelona we were better than in Bahrain and Australia, I think China will be better. Already last year was one of the worst circuits of the year and this year we did not perform well either. We hope it is a timely track. ”

First corner: “It’s endless, it’s a very special curve, the longest in the championship and you spend six seconds in it, you pull at full speed towards the apex and then you let the car open depending on the speed you take and then it closes quite a lot and you have to have some special settings of differential, braking distributor and engine brake, all to turn the car in that last part, because otherwise the car has the tendency to go straight, it is interesting to pass it in first position It’s much better than in traffic. “

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