Fernando Alonso is eager to confirm the good feelings with which he left Australia 9 days ago. The Spaniard warns of two very demanding dates, but he trusts in the work of his team and in the improvements that will come.

Keep up the momentum: “After a good start to the season I’m really looking forward to going to Bahrain and sitting back at the wheel, Australia has given us a good feeling and I hope we can maintain this momentum during these two races that come in consecutive weeks” .

What’s new in the car: “I know that the team is working hard in the factory so that the updates that are planned are coming out, and these, in addition to the development work that we are carrying out in the chassis and the power unit, will be fundamental for extract more performance from the car. ”

Two demanding races: “We can not rest on our laurels: the Bahrain and Shanghai races are demanding for the car and it is important that we maintain good reliability if we want to maximize our potential, the competition is fierce and we have to keep pushing to get more points

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