Charles Leclerc, one of the pilots called to make history with Ferrari already has a gap in the Italian team. With the announcement that Raikkonen would not continue as a partner of Vettel, the Maranello rushed to introduce the new member. The Monegasque will rise to the first team after being part of the affiliate in the Alfa Romeo Sauber.

The projection of this young talent is comparable to what was expected of Jules Bianchi, friend of Leclerc, who could not meet the objectives by a fateful accident in which he lost his life. Many see Charles as a future world champion and a tough opponent for Vettel, who will have to deal with a very competitive partner.

Even Fernando Alonso highlighted the potential of Sauber with just four races played. It did not take much longer to discover that Leclerc is one of the best pilots, still growing. “Here there are riders with an incredible talent, like Carlos Sainz, Nico Hulkenberg or Charles Leclerc”, pointed the one of McLaren in Montemeló.The Monegasque discovered the competition at a young age, with only four years he was interested in karting by the hand of Bianchi. It was not until 2016, when in GP3, he won the title with 25 points of advantage over the second. This served him for a year after making the leap to Formula 2, which he also conquered.

His success in the categories prior to Formula 1 was enough for him to finish his signing for Ferrari in 2016 and became a tester for Haas. A year later it was learned that in the current season, 2018, Leclerc would team with Marcus Ericsson in Sauber, where he currently competes.

This season has already been seen at a high level, moving to Q3 three times. In the GP of France qualified in 8th position. Later he would do the same in two consecutive races, in Great Britain and Germany marked the 9th best time to sneak into Q3.

The next season should be the consolidation and with which to start marking territory in the Ferrari garage. Vettel will not make it easy and the duels for being the team leader will be key to achieving the title

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