Chase Carey, CEO of Formula 1, says that Liberty Media -new group owner of the serial- does not differ much from Ferrari and that the main idea is to benefit the teams and the partners.
Through Sergio Marchionne, CEO of the Fiat Group, the Italians positioned themselves on the board facing the changes that will take place in the top category of sport, once the current Concord Pact ends (until the 2020 campaign).

Liberty wants cheaper engines, with better sound and simpler ones; Mercedes and Renault are not entirely in agreement but they are willing to listen and negotiate; Ferrari on the other hand, warned that, if their interests are affected, they would leave F1.
“I do not think we have a different vision than Ferrari,” said Carey on “Without denigrating NASCAR, we’re not planning to be like NASCAR. We do not want to standardize the cars. We do not want 20 identical cars in which the only thing different is the pilot “.

Ecclestone assures that the threat of Ferrari is serious
“If the new regulation makes Ferrari suffer and they can not keep the money, then they will come out of the category.”

Marchionne warns that Ferrari’s interests may no longer be in F1
Can you imagine an F1 without a Ferrari? The CEO of the Italian manufacturer suggests that it could happen if the structure for 2021 is not convincing.

In the Paddock of the F1 there is uncertainty about the course. Everyone knows that there will be changes in the sport but no one is certain about the scope of the same – it is contemplated from the change in the technical regulation (engines), until new distribution of profits and a budget limit per season.
“F1 is unique and unites the competitive aspect of the sport with the highest technology. We want the teams to be able to create the cars that are convenient for them – unique engines and unique chasises, “Carey clarified.
“But we want success to depend on how well you spend resources with some limitations. I think that is a healthier sport. ”
This year, 2017, Manor could not start because he went bankrupt; as many organizations that have tried in the last decade in F1, have succumbed to financial pressure.
“We want the teams to compete, but we want them to have an opportunity. It will never be the same, there will be favorites. But we want the teams to feel that everyone has the opportunity to fight. ”
“Sport is built with the unexpected, and we want a sport that has the unexpected. If someone wins the race every week, at the end of the day the sport will suffer. ”
“You need competition, you need the unexpected, the big finals and the great dramas. We must create that. That attracts more funds, and realistically benefits all teams. “

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