The Italian points out the development of the car as the aspect that will decide if the Italians manage to defeat the Germans.

Australia and Bahrain. These were the races that Flavio Briatore needed to say that for the first time in the hybrid era of the Formula 1 World Championship, Ferrari is already on par with Mercedes.

“This Ferrari is better than the last one, I’d say it’s on par with the Mercedes and finally we’re going to see a good championship, with two teams with a 50% chance of winning the races, Australia is not typical, Bahrain is more indicative and there Ferrari had a great race “, says Briatore on the Italian radio ‘RAI’ about the impressions that have left him this start of the championship.

Similarly, the former sports director of Renault recommends to the engineers of Maranello to quickly improve the weak points of the SF71H, since the result in Sakhir would have been different if Lewis Hamilton had been in the position of Valtteri Bottas: “They changed the strategy in the right moment and Vettel drove an incredible way in the end, with the tires like that, if it had been Hamilton in the place of Bottas, it would have been different, nevertheless, Ferrari is a very competitive team, now it will depend on the development “.

Finally and asking if there is any hope that Juve can go up against Real Madrid, Flavio Briatore says in ‘Politica nel Pallone’ that the distance between both teams is insurmountable: “Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are of another category and then there are other teams like Juve, what does the Bianconeri need to be like them, half a billion, it’s just a matter of budget, it’s like when you lose half a second in Formula 1: recovering a second is easy, but the last two tenths are given to you by the money and the pilots “.


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