This is not the first time it has happened, it happened at a press conference inside McLaren, but today at the appearance of FIA team leaders in France, they asked the question to Eric Boullier, sporting director of McLaren: Are you going? to dismiss?.

“I’m not going to resign, I know you’ve already written some stories, I have some responsibility and the car is where we want to be, but I’ve won victories on all the teams I’ve been on and that can not be taken away from us. with Renault and we have many technical paths to explore “, he replied to the British journalist who asked the question

The French coach, sweaty from the heat of the first session and looking at the clock repeatedly, was the target of almost all delicate issues, he replied as smiling and calm as he could. The insistence on a possible rebellion on board in Woking, where several employees claim in ‘Daily Mail’ that they have been paid in 25 pence chocolate bars, blew up Eric, who threatened to get up and leave, while the press delegate, Matteo Bonciani, I tried to calm him down

“You are lying and looking for stories, there are a number of people who are dissatisfied and I would like to know who they are in order to reach good communication,” said Boullier, very annoyed, without denying that the chocolate story is true. What enervated him was hearing the word rebellion before all television. “There were people in their positions before I arrived and I had to try to reorganize the team to improve,” he added.

As for a possible offer to Daniel Ricciardo or who are looking for a replacement for Vandoorne, Boullier settled the story, as expected: “We are happy with Alonso and Vandoorne and we are not looking for others, in the case of Stoffel, he has the worst Possible team mate, but he’s carrying a good line of learning, and we’ll talk about the future of the drivers when the time comes. “

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