The Europa League is the only tournament in which the team can still save the season. Take Balenziaga and play the cracks in Marseille.

The time to experiment with the soda is over. Ziganda will stop testing and rotations and will go tomorrow with the Vélodrome de Marseille. Within ten days a new break comes and there are four games in which the team plays many things. Removing the last one of this trip, in the Camp Nou, the pass to the quarterfinals of the Europa League is put in liza and to wash a little the image in Liga with the visit of the dangerous Leganés, Sunday in the evening.
After the rest of start in Seville of Beñat, Raúl García, Aduriz and De Marcos, (then rectified by aligning at the break the first three), Ziganda will put all their weapons on the pitch. There is not the oven for buns. And Marseille is very dangerous in its stadium. It is the only tournament in which the team can still save a horrible season.
With Iago. In the goal will return to put Herrerín, a fixed in the continental competition. And only Muniain and Rico will be out due to injury, two important elements. In fact, the midfielder of Arrigorriaga has become an essential element in midfield, because Iturraspe has returned to run aground and San Jose does not just take the precise point. And let’s not say Vesga anymore. The surprising thing is that Cuco put yesterday in the Balenziaga list, which has options after two and a half months of low for a fibrillar break, but you want to go very calmly. He fell to Real and missed 11 league games and the crossing against Spartak. You have the option of going out to stop Thauvin, the most dangerous focus of the Gauls. This time that has been out has seen his post to Saborit, Lekue and Andoni Lopez, and none has come together. Thauvin worries Cuco. At 25, he is one of the most important players in the French competition and the leader of the Marseille team. Accumulate 18 goals in the 41 games that have been played between all competitions OM this season. The league has 16 in 28 games, and has distributed 11 assists. His numbers make him the top scorer of Marseille in Ligue 1, well ahead of Sanson (8 goals) and Ocampos (6). The winger already played against Athletic in the 2015-16 season, with the tandem Míchel-Alkorta as technicians.

In Athletic the whole system of rotations no longer makes sense, the coach will go with everything and with the remaining forces, because it is seen that the reserves do not give the level of team A. And Williams of nine is lost. No incidents are expected in the hell of the Vélodrome but the Marseille Police has placed as a condition the 300 red-and-white travelers who arrive by bus (to be escorted by local agents), no minibuses or cars.

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