“After a disappointing result, the best thing you can do is to continue, so it’s good to have another race this weekend, and another the next,” said Fernando Alonso before the second grand prize of the Veraneigo triplet, the one from Austria this weekend. week to follow another one in Silverstone next. Three of the pull.
Improvements are expected at McLaren, although the team’s recognition of the aerodynamic problem of the car concept does not create too many hopes. It is not the MCL33 that they expected at this point while in other teams the concept is round, like Red Bull, which wins with the same Renault engine, and is predictably a leader with Honda in 2019.
This is what Fernando himself believes. “There always has to be a reference team, Red Bull, it does not matter with Renault or Honda, always being a point of reference for its chassis and I do not think it will change much, we know how strong they are in this section and will continue to be in the next ones. years, “he said at the end of the race in France, the worst of McLaren this year.


Zak Brown also acknowledges that the Japanese engine itself has improved in performance even if they remain lame and unreliable: “Honda has taken a clear step forward this year and they have learned from the past three years in which we also help them. I know what they have done, but it is a great company and of course they have made progress “, he acknowledges.

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