After two weeks of rest, Alonso returns to the competition at the German Grand Prix, where he hopes to consolidate his eighth position in the championship. In the last races he has obtained good results that have helped him to score valuable points for the classification.
“The next Grand Prix will be a continuity, and at this point it’s hard to win or lose much, I think everyone will keep more or less their positions,” said Alonso.At McLaren the goal is clear, improve the car to make it competitive in the future. It was already seen in Austria, when they decided to leave from pit lane to try new pieces, knowing that the race would be complicated. Then Alonso came back and was eighth. “We are going to improve race to race, improving weak points and trying to fight new points every Sunday”, said the Spaniard.
This weekend the competition returns and Alonso will ride again in the car, but meanwhile, these days of break have taken advantage to stay in shape. “I’m a tad tired, it’s been good for me to rest a bit and go back to the routine of workouts, cycling, swimming, running …” he said.
Alonso was in Asturias on Monday, where he participated, in his circuit of Llanera, in the presentation of the pavilion that Liberbank will install this summer at the Trade Fair that will be held in Gijón from 4 to 19 August.

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