Fernando Alonso finished the tenth free practice session in China. The Spaniard, who comes to sign a seventh place last week in Bahrain and will not finally have too many improvements in his McLaren in this third Grand Prix of the season, will try to look for Q3 for the first time in the season, although with the tremendous degradation suffered by the tire ultrablando, which can not stand ‘stings’ too long has indicated that not to move to Q3, the option to go out in the race discarding that tire can be as much or more positive for them.
Weather conditions. “Well, we knew that in theory it was going to rain today, and we rolled almost everything in the dry in both sessions.” Positive, we have tried many things in the first session in the two cars, in the second session less, we have concentrated more on the tires, it seems that there will be degradation and there is a bit of graining, especially in the previous tires, so we have to analyze everything, we have completed the program, a lot of information and now we have to put it on the table and hopefully improve tomorrow little bit”.
Tires “We knew it was going to be a difficult Grand Prix and we have confirmed it, the ultra soft ones (purple) will surely be better on Saturday but worse on Sunday and then the yellow ones we have tried them, but of the whites we only have one game and we will leave it for Sunday so we have not tried them, we will try to see what the other teams have done as well Sun is expected for Sunday, but with a different direction of the wind also so conditions not similar to today, we must be very attentive on Sunday and take advantage. ”
Roll in rain. “We had to do a test of Barcelona tests, the last day of rain we had some problem with the intermediate tires, so we went out to do a quick ‘out-in’ to control if we were on the right track or not.”
Sensations “We’ll see, in the end, Fridays are hard to understand, I felt better here than in Bahrain, that’s for sure, but then when the moment of truth comes, we all know they’re going fast, Force India that was behind is already there with us and we have a good number of cars fighting for Q3, here the Q3 with the problem of the ultrabland that degrades a lot, we do not know how useful it can be to enter or not to enter, if we enter Q3 it will finally be the first race that we do it, if we do not enter Q3 it may be a mini-pole for us. ”
Tire compounds in China. Yes (Pirelli’s choice is good), because I think the tires this year are very close from one color to another so if you do not separate them a little bit, it’s the three tires that are the same. ”
Fourth in the World “I’m happy, I know it’s not representative, because we have not done enough races yet but we have done 100% of our chances in Australia, 100% in Bahrain and we will do 100% here, then the position will be the it’s your turn and what you deserve, we’re in a good position but we have to improve, we know the weak points, we lack speed, but we’re trying to have consistency, have mischief at important moments and score points, “ditched Alonso.

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